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About Me

My name is Henning Mikal. Norwegian and Scandinavian bodybuilding title winner, and MuscleMania Miami Universe Contest runner up. Also I am a runner and a cyclist and recently a swimmer. I started summer 2013 to compete in sprint Triathlon events. Also I like to participate in 5K events.

I started training with weights when I was 14, in addition to other types of training, and therefore have over 40 years of experience now.

My father emigrated to New Orleans when I was a kid, and I have a sister and two brothers living in Florida.

My usual weight is about 77kg (170 pounds) To get in a very good shape I go down to 73-75 kg. (162-165 pounds)

Last bodybuilding contest was in the Las Vegas Musclemania World Championships in  nov. 2009, where I placed 4th in the open lightweight class, competing against much younger contestants as I was 48 at the time.
The MuscleMania is a drugtested event open to natural bobybuilders from around the world. Everyone in the finals is tested by an independant lab for all steroids and drugs.
Last triathlon event was the FD3 in Florida sept.26, 2015.
I get in shape by incorporating more aerobics in my training and focus very much on nutrition. To get low in bodyfat I will do cardio once or twice per day.

I now usually do a 4 split with weights. Chest, back, legs, shoulders/arms. I get a lot of legwork also from my cycling a few times a week.
Swimming also gives my shoulders a good workout.
Running 5K a few times a week.
Swimming 1000m twice a week or so.
Abdominals 2-3 times a week with usually just 100 chrunches or 100 leg raises.

A goal now is to be in shape for summer 2016 and do a good sprint triathlon.

I want to emphasize that I am a natural athlet. I do not use steroids/testosterone or growth hormone or similar substances.
I do not use fat burning drugs or any physique enhancing drugs whatsoever.
To do so will be detrimental to the body.

Be sure to come and visit this site from time to time for updates.

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