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News and journal

january 10th, 2017
Happy New Year. 
Its a new year with new opportunities. I have joined a local triathlon club and will train a lot this year.
Hopefully I will get to compete this summer in one or two sprint triathlons.
The goal is to be in a very good shape and get a decent time for my age group.
I am going to Tenerife in february to train, and escape a little from the norwegian winter climate.

july 12, 2016
It was a great triathlon race at Honeymoon Island in Dunedin florida a month ago.
I was 7th in my age group and also 12th on the bike overall among 460 male participants.
I feel Im improving, and will continue to pursue exceptional fitness in sprint triathlon.
Hopefully I will be able to return to Florida in october to do a late summer event to finish of the season.

14th of april 2016
I have started to be more serious with diet and training and are on schedule for summer 2016.
My goal this year is to loose weight and to be in great shape for a sprint triathlon on the 12th of june. 

18th of february 2016
Well into the new year now. Have been sick with a bad cold and still are.
The plan is to train as usual until easter, and then start on a two month training and diet regimen 1st of april, to get in a great shape for my summer triathlon.
This year I will do the Dunedin sprint triathlon at Honeymoon State Park in Florida the 12th of june.

16th of november 2015
I traveled to Florida in september to participate in a sprint triathlon, FD3 at Fort de Soto national park,
and finished 5th in my age group and also had the best bike time.
I am happy with the result and I have the motivation now to train and get in shape for 2016.
Christmas time will be here in a months time.
That will be a nice time to relax and gain energy.
Then a new year is coming up with new possibilities.

27th of august 2015
Its still summer, believe it or not, in Stavanger, Norway.
I had a bad bicycle accident in Florida when training for my triathlon event.
I am still recovering, but my concussion is healing.
And I have started to train at a 100% intensity level again.
I missed my event this summer, but there is always a new opportunity and I am training for that.

1st of june 2015
Summertime is coming up!!
I had a trip to Florida during easter and did a lot of triathlon training and lifting.
Will go back for a long summer vacation in a few weeks and then do a sprint triathlon on the 11th of july.
Currently I am working out hard and hopefully I will be able to get a good timing on the race.
But its important to make it fun also and enjoy the summertime with friends, good food and good wine.

18th of january 2015
Well into the new year and its time to start getting a bit more healthy and
focus more on nutrition again.
Goal is to be in a good shape for easter in april for my trip to Florida. I am going there for fun, relaxing and a lot of training.
The plan is to do a good sprint triathlon race in july in Florida and to be in a great shape for summer 2015.

4th of november 2014
I have been on a fall trip to Clearwater, Florida. A good trip with a lot of training, sunshine and good food.
Visiting family, and I also ran a 5K where I was 9th overall with a new personal best.
Now its back to work, and we are only two months away from a new year.
Will ease up a little on training and diet, and then focus more in the new year.
Goal is to be in great shape for easter 2015.
I have posted a couple of new pictures on page 5 in Image Gallery.

24th of august 2014
It has been a long summer vacation in Clearwater, Florida. A great trip with family there and also my youngest daughter and her fiancè.
I placed 14th out of 50 in the Top Gun triathlon event, and 3rd in the 5k Clearwater Beach run on august 8th, in my age group.
Did a lot of cycling, swimming, running and weight training.
Now I will have to focus on work the next months.
I will go on a fall trip to Clearwater in october and also do a 5k race there on the 25th.

21st of may 2014
May is always beautiful when summer sets in and everything turns green.
This motivates you to train a little harder and give your diet a little bit more attention.
I have just come back from a couple of weeks in Florida. It was a good trip and I look forward to go back end of july.
I did a 5K event where I placed 2nd in my age group.
Now the focus will be to work and train for my sprint triathlon event at Fort De Soto park, the 26th of july.

1st of april 2014
Springtime is here. I will do one month of serious dieting and training.
Going to Florida on a spring break in may. Looking forward to sunshine and warm weather.
Will do a lot of triathlon training there. And I will run a 5K event.

5th of february 2014
We are now well into the new year and its time to get a bit more serious with the diet.
I am currently offshore and are training as usual. Focus on healthy foods.
Goal is to be in a good pre summer shape in may.

 9th of january 2014.
Its my granddaughter Celines birthday today. She is two years old. Happy birthday Celine.
And Happy New Year folks. I had to rebuild my website and here it is.
Its a new year with new possibilities. My goal is to get in a great shape and compete in a Triathlon event in Florida in july 2014.
Focus will be on nutrition the coming months. Training as usual.
Nice to get going again.

 7th of may 2013
I have been in Florida in april on a spring break. I ran a 5K event where I placed 2nd in my age category. I am adding a picture. I will go back to Florida with family in july. I plan to be in a great shape and to compete in a 5K Beach run on Clearwater Beach. Also I plan to compete in my first TriAthlon event at Fort De Soto Beach in Florida. I have two months to train and get in shape for this. I am starting up on swim training. Also nutrition will be important the next two months. Its my first triathlon, so I do not expect any good placing. Also I am a bit on the heavy side for a triathlon athlete. However I think it will be fun. Stay tuned.

 20th of february 2013
We are well into the new year. I am training hard and shape is decent for february. But to get in a great shape for summer 2013, I have to focus more on nutrition. Its a matter of psychology and getting into the habit again, to eat clean. This will be my goal in the months coming. Looking forward to summer 2013.


 3rd of january 2013
I have been on a Christmas trip to Gran Canary With Family. It was a great trip. Now its time to shape up and focus on the new year, and concentrate on a healthy lifestyle. The goal is to be in a great shape in june/july for summer vacation. I wish everybody a happy new year. Henning Mikal


 10th of Nov.2012
I had a trip to Florida late sept. Now the winter is coming up. Its important to keep the training up and have focus. Maybe gain a little muscle. I will go to The Canary Islands with family for Christmas. Then a new year will be there with new opportunities. Hopefully I can take time off from work next summer so that I will be able to compete in Miami.


 7th of aug. 2012
I have come back from Florida and it was a great vacation. I am intensifying my training and diet now to get back in great shape. Also there will be a lot of working this fall, and thats good for the economy. I hope to compete nest summer, but that will be decided next year. Stay tuned. Henning Mikal

 17th of june,2012
Summertime is here and I just got back from an offshore job. I will be going with my daughters to Florida for a long summer vacation next week. Looking forward to sun, swimming, good food and good wine and a lot of training as well.


 23rd of april 2012
I have been on vacation in Florida. It was a nice trip with warm weather and a lot of cycling. I will go back with family in 8 weeks for a long summer vacation. I will aim to be in a good shape and will start on an 8 weeks diet and training program today. Looking forward to summer time.


 23rd of march 2012
I have been offshore a lot the last months. Work is extremely busy. Currently I am also offshore on a big job. However I will go on Easter holiday to Florida soon. Looking forward to sun, heat, good food , good wine and a lot of training.
 21st of january 2012
We are well into the new year. I became a grandfather to a little babygirl 12 days ago. Celine is her name. It is a good feeling and I look forward to seeing her grow. I am offshore again on a short trip. I have lost a few pounds since Christmas. Will continue to focus on healthy foods. Training is continuing with as usual. Goal is to be in a great shape in june.


 1st of january 2012
Happy New Year! 2012 is here with new chances and new possibilities. I am currently offshore. It has been a christmas and new year with a lot of good food offshore. Tomorrow I will begin to sharpen up, and start to focus on diet and training again. The goal is to be in a great shape summer 2012.


 dec.2nd, 2011
Christmas time is coming up. That will include a lot of good food and wine. However, keeping up the training will prevent you from getting too out of shape. I will be at working this christmas and New Year. In january, a new year will begin with new opportunities. Looking forward to 2012.


 1st of October,2011
I just got back from Florida again and had a great summer time once more this year. Now we have to start preparing for the winter time. That has its charm too. I am currently on an oil platform. This month I will turn 50, but I will continue the same lifestyle with training and keeping in shape.


 18th of july, 2011
I have been on vacation in Florida. It was a great trip. I was attending the competition in Miami, but my shape was not contest ready. However I think I was in a decent summer shape. I am making a gallery no.14 from the summer 2011.

 1st of june,2011
I am currently offshore on a big job. Will stay here for another week at least. I am training every day and shape has improved a lot the last month, but I am not in a competition form. I can`t train the required 3 hours every day here, and also dieting strict is hard with 12 hours working shifts. Therefore I assume I will have to just watch the show in Miami and have a good time there. Looking forward to summer and heat and good food and wine.


 25th of april,2011
I had planned to start my competition diet tomorrow, 7 and a half weeks out from MuscleMania Miami, but I am currently offshore so I will have to start on a light version. However I expect to be back onshore in less than a week and then it will be full throttle. I will make the verdict to compete or not in the end of may, depending on the progress.


 26th of march, 2011
Its 12 weeks now before the MuscleMania Universe contest and I start today on a training and nutrition plan to get in shape for that show. I have some injuries to battle but I hope to make it. If not I will still get in shape for the summertime even if I don`t do the show. However my goal is to be on that stage. Training is twice per day and diet will start to get strict now.

 9th of march, 2011
Happy Birthday Camilla. My daughter Camilla is 19 today. I have been training a lot lately, but diet is not strict. I will start a more strict diet in april in order to get in shape for summer. I will also make an attempt to get in shape for the Miami Musclemania Universe Contest in june. It will depend on many factors, so if I can`t make it, I will go to Miami for vacation only. Looking forward to get in proper shape again.


 12th of jan.2011
Happy New Year. I just came back from New Years vacation in Florida. It has been too much good food and wine now, and I will start right now on a more strict nutrition regime. Training will continue as usual mostly once or twice every day, with a day off now and then. My goal is to get in a very good shape for the summer of 2011.


 1st of nov.2010
Time flyes and we are getting into the last months of 2010. I have been in Florida again in october to get the last bit of summer this year. Wintertime is coming up, but that has its charm too. I will train less intensely these lasts months but still try to get a session every day. I just have had a week off though now, beeing offshore on an oilrig in the North Sea. I will go back to Florida for New Year celebration. My aim is to be in a decent shape for that. Then we will have new year with new possibillities.


 10th of aug. 2010
I have been in Florida on vacation with my daughters and family and friends. It was a great trip and one to be remembered. I plan to go back to Florida in october to read and to train and to enjoy the warm climate. I currently train every day and focus on healthy foods on a daily basis.


 16th of june, 2010
Its a few days since the 57 mile long offroad cycling race. I made it in 5 hours and 25 minutes. We had a storm right in our face for the most part of the race and it was a struggle. But I made it through and it wasn`t such a bad time either. Now I will continue the good habit of cycling but also focus on the weights and my diet. I will be going to Florida in july to visit my family over there with my daughters and friends. Looking forward to some summertime.


 5th of june, 2010
Its a week before the cycling race and I am looking forward to getting it done. After the race I will focus more on the weights and regular cardio to get in great shape for my summer vacation in july in Florida.


 2nd of may, 2010
I am currently offshore and are training for maintenance. Shape has improved a bit from last month due to more focus on nutrition. I will continue training for maintenance on the weights and focus more on nutrition in the coming two months before my summer vacation to Florida in july. I am also training a lot of cycling to prepare for the 57 mile long cycling race on the 12th of june. Looking forward to summer and vacation in Florida.

Its easter and I am offshore. My training now is just based on maintaining. Diet is not strict and shape is not that good. However, when I get onshore again I will begin a two month diet and training regimen to get back in superb shape for summer and the cycling race in june.


I have been offshore and came back yesterday. We are a month away from easter, and I will train twice per day now to get in better shape. Then I will relax a bit during easter with good food. After easter it will be full throttle to get in shape for summer and the 57 mile long cycling race on june the 12th.


We are well into 2010 now and its time to get a little serious again when it comes to training and diet. I will continue training in the same path as before, but I will be more strict on nutrition. Weights 5 times a week. Cycling or other cardio every day. I am planning to participate in a cycling race in june. That means that I will do a lot of cycling in the coming months, in addition to the weights.
Happy New Year to everybody. I celebrated Christmas and New Year in Florida. Now I am back in Norway. I will start the new year now with getting back on track with training and a healthy diet lifestyle. My goal is to be in a very good shape for summer 2010 and to be injury free. This means training smart with weights and I will also train cycling a few times a week for cardiovascular conditioning.


 November 24th, 2009
I am back from Las Vegas. I had a great time there with my daughter, and we also went to see the Grand Canyon. The competition was tough but I made it to the finals and I was awarded 4th place in the Musclemania World Lightweight Class. I was in a good shape and I will post some photos in a new gallery. Further on, I have no plans to compete again now. I struggled with an upper back injury in Vegas, and without that I think I could have placed higher. My focus now will be to stay in shape and to be injury free. I will go back to the US for Christmas and New Year. Its time to recuperate now and gather new energy and motivation.


 November 8, 2009
I have one more week ahead of training and dieting before boarding the flight on tuesday the 17th to Las Vegas. Shape is currently good but I am not ready yet. This time I will have to fight up to the last minute. It will be an important week ahead.


 November 1st.2009
I am back from offshore and I have two weeks before going to Vegas. I am not in competition shape yet. It will be two hard weeks ahead. Hopefully I will be able to get ready in the 18 days I have before going on stage. It should be possible and I will make an attempt.


 October 18.2009
I am currently offshore on nightshift and staying on a strict diet is not that easy. Tomorrow starts the last 30 days of dieting and training. I will have to get serious at this point. My condition is not that bad and it should be possible for me to get into competition shape still. When I get back home it will be easier, and if I can get the last three weeks on land I should be in good shape. Looking forward to Vegas.


 October 6.2009
I have been a couple of weeks on diet and its six weeks left. I have to be ready when I board that airplane 6 weeks from today. Shape is looking ok, but now its the time to get really serious to get fat percentage down to very low levels. I should be on track, but I will have to stay focused now.


I am starting on my competition diet today. I should be in competition shape 8 weeks from now. That is one week before the competition in Las Vegas. I am flying over with my daughter 3 days before the prejudging on friday. The finals are on saturday.

I have been offshore last week but I still have a couple of weeks to work before I go on time off again. Then I will start my competition diet to get ready for the show in Las Vegas. That will give me 9 weeks, and should be sufficient time to get me in a very good shape. Motivation is a bit low, but I hope it will improve after a few weeks as it usually does. Training is weights 5 days a week + cardio every day. Weight is currently 175 pounds. I have 10 pounds to loose. In two weeks I will step up cardio to twice per day.

My daughter was married this weekend and it was a great wedding. I have started to prepare for competition in Las Vegas in november. My goal is to get in a very good shape again and possibly get to the finals. In any case, I will get a trip to Vegas and see the sights there. It will be fun.


I have been offshore for a couple of weeks, but now I am back home. My daughter is getting married next weekend, so it will be a busy week ahead. I will start now to prepare for competition in case there will be an opportunity for me to compete in november in Las Vegas.


 july 17. 2009
I have been on a 16 day trip to Florida with my daughter and her friend. We had a great time with our family over there. Shape is currently ok, but not good enough. I will start now to train consistently and intensely to get in a very good shape again. My knees are feeling fine at the moment. Leg work will be confined to cycling only. I will focus on my offshore job going forward now, and to make some cash.


Its june and summer is coming up. I am training weights 4 times a week and cycling almost every day now. My knees have improved. Starting work on monday for three weeks. Then in july its two weeks summer vacation in Florida with my daughter and her friend and my family over there.


I have been on easter vacation in Florida. I am adding a picture from the trip. My knees was good before the trip but I must have twisted them a bit because they got worse when I was in Florida. I have started my work rotation and all focus will be on rehabilitating my knees for work, and all competition plans are put off as per today. I will train upper body as usual and lower body training is focused on regaining full functionality to my knees for work. Diet will be strict to stay low in weight and bodyfat.


April is here and its finally spring time. I will go on easter vacation to the US next week, to get some sun and heat, good food and good wine. My knees are healing, and the Florida climate should make them even better. Shape has improved and bodyfat is quite low. I am looking forward to start my work rotation after easter and to get into the normal everyday life again. Training in april will be weights 5 days per week and cardio a few times per week. Focus will be to maintain the good shape towards the summer and to be in even better shape for my summer vacation to the USA in july.


I have now had surgery on both my knees to repair my meniscus ligaments. I expect to be back to my offshore work rotation in april and to be fully operational by then. My upper body training is continuing as usual while lower body training is focused on rehabilitating my knees. My diet will be quite strict in march in order to loose weight and to go lower in body fat. Weight training will be 5 days per week. Cardio will be once per day on either an elliptical step machine or stationary cycling. I hope to be able to compete in the fall this year, but I will wait until august to make the final decision.


I have been on a loose diet in january. Shape has improved. I am having surgery on my knee today. This have to be done to bring back full functionality to my leg. I will resume training and dieting as soon as possible.


I have injured my knee and surgery might be needed. A surgeon will examine the knee next week. Hopefully I can regain full flexibility and strength, so that my plans about competing this year can be accomplished.


Happy New Year to all. I have been offshore during christmas and new year. There has been a lot of good food and I have gained some weight. However, that puts me in a very motivated state for training and dieting and to get in a very good shape again. I will start tomorrow jan the 2nd on a diet and my part goal now is to be in a decent shape feb.1st. Longer term my goal is to be in a great shape in april and for the summer 2009.


I have decided to compete next year. It will be in the lightweight division at the MuscleMania World Championships in Las Vegas in nov.2009. I will start training for it already in january but the contest preparation training and dieting will start in aug/sept 2009 after the summer. I plan to get in a good shape for summer 2009 and then take it all the way for the world championship. Training is currently 5 days a week with weights and two times a week with cardio on an elliptical. Diet is loose. I wish everybody a merry christmas.

I am adding a gallery with pics from this years vacation in Florida. Shape has been acceptable, but I will work towards a better shape for next years summer season. Training is 5 days a week with weights and 2-3 times a week with cardio. Diet is loose, but I will start to cut on carbs now so that I have a good start on the new year in 2009.


Its been a while since I`ve been here.Training is currently 5 days per week with weights.Cardio two or three times per week on an elliptical machine.I will be going to USA in october to celebrate my birthday.I will make a new gallery after that with pictures from the vacation this summer and that october trip. Considering to compete next year. I will make a decision after easter 2009.


I am back from USA and back to work. It was a great vacation. I will post some pictures later on. I have started on a three day per week weight training program. Chest/Back on monday, Legs on wednesday and Shoulders and Arms on friday. Cardio on occasion. This is due to the fact that I have retired from competition and that I want to spend more time on other matters. I believe though that I will be able to sustain a reasonable good shape with this training regimen and also be less susceptible to injuries. I will post pictures in the future.


I have two weeks left to work before my USA vacation. I will train quite intensive theese weeks as I would like to shed a couple of pounds more before I go. However, shape is currently pretty good. Diet has been loose because I am not training for a competition, but I have still managed to get in a decent shape for summertime. I will continue to train one or two hours per day as this is an integral part of my lifestyle. Looking forward to a vacation in New Orleans and Florida.


I have started a strict diet to get back in superb shape. I will go down to competition weight before my vacation to New Orleans and Florida in june/july. That means I have 8 pounds to loose in 7 weeks. Looking forward to sun and heat, good food and good wine.


Have been working quite a bit offshore and diet is loose.I will intensify diet in may, to get in good shape for summer vacation in june/july. I have also completed my Personal Trainer Certification from IFPA and are now a certified personal trainer. I will also do a Sports Nutrition course later on.

Springtime finally. Its getting closer to summer and I am on a diet again. Also I train weights 5 times per week and I jog 5 miles every evening. My goal is to get in very good shape for summer 2008. Shape is starting to improve.


I have decided to retire from competition. There is a lot of factors involved in making this decision and it was not an easy choice. However I will continue training and my competition will now be to get in a very good shape every summer. My target ahead will be to get in a superb shape for my summer vacation to Florida in june/july. I will post some pictures from the trip.


I have been on a winter vacation in Florida with my daughters. It was a memorable vacation and I am looking forward to go back for summer vacation. I will now keep on training for well being and to get in shape for summertime.


I have been sick for a week with the flu. However, I am now ok again and will continue training to get back in shape. Have lost 10 pounds since christmas and shape is starting to improve. Will go on vacation to Florida and New Orleans with my daughters in two weeks. I need some sun and heat right now. Norway is damn cold.


Happy New Year. I have been working this holiday season, but now I`m back home and its time to start the 2008 diet. First target is to be in a decent shape for the winter vacation to Florida in mid-february. Weight training 5 times per week and 4 km jogging every day. Restricted carbs during weekdays and carb up in the weekend. Its gonna be nice to get back in shape.


I have been a week in the USA on vacation.Next time I go there it will be for winter holiday with my daughters.Next competition could be World Championships in California 2008. This will be decided next year as it will require me to take off work. I will train for maintenance now,and then starting january,I will start to increase intensity to get in shape for summer.


Its been a while since I`ve been here. I had a long vacation and then I have been busy with working and everyday life. I have added two galleries from Musclemania in Miami in june 2007. Right now the shape is not that bad,but I will go on a month with intense training and dieting now to get in shape before going to Florida again in october.I am going there to train and to study PT.(personal training course) My next contest will hopefully be next year in California at the Musclemania World Championships.


Came back yesterday from Miami.I became second in the Masters Open Class.It was a good show in Miami,and I am satisfied with the results.I was close to winning and become a SuperBody Champion,and I got a lot of positive feedback in Miami. I will post some pictures in a new gallery when the professional photos are available.I will be going on a three week vacation in USA in a couple of weeks.It will be nice with some time to recuperate now.

One week to go,and weight was today within weightclass for the first time,165 pounds.It looks like I am in shape,but the extreme lighting on stage will reveal the truth about that.It will be a tough competition,and I am lucky if I can make it to the finals.If not I will nevertheless try to have a fun weekend in Miami.Prejudging is friday the 22nd and finals saturday evening the 23rd.


Two weeks left and weight is today one pound from weightclass. I will stop doing cardio today and focus even more on my superintense weight-training sessions.The aim is to preserve muscle mass. Shape is nearly contest ready, but I will have to stay focused now.


Back from offshore and three weeks to go.This is the time to get in competition shape and to get down to the weightclass.I should be ready in two weeks from now.Last week is for getting the right tan and posing practising. I would prefer to do no cardio last week for better density and to preserve energy. My shape at the time will determine if I can do that.


4 weeks to go before the contest in Miami.I am currently on an offshore oil platform, and that is not the ideal place to be when preparing for a contest.However, I hope to go onshore in a few days and then the final weeks of training and dieting will begin.This is when I plan to hit my best condition. Shape is currently pretty good, but not competition ready.

5 weeks out.Shape has improved since last week.Weight is the same.Will go down the last pounds the last three weeks when I am off work, to make the weight class,and then carb up as much as possible after weigh in.


6 weeks to go before the show today. Shape is improving. 5 pounds to loose. I wish my brother Thomas a happy birthday today.


Have been a week on competition diet,and shape are starting to improve. I have still 7 pounds to loose though.It should be possible with 7 weeks to go before the show today.I have been extremely busy lately and also had a death in near family.If I am to get in competition shape I will have to focus on the competition in Miami now.


I just got back from 3 weeks nightshift on an oilplatform, and I started my competition diet today.Weight is 175 pounds and I have 10 pounds to loose in 8 weeks. Motivation is not so good right now, but hopefully it will improve within a few weeks as it usually does.


I have started preparing for the competition in june in Miami. However, I will not start before later this month with my extreme competition diet. Contest is 22nd of june, so there is almost 12 weeks to go still.


I have decided to compete in Miami in june. It will be a tough competition, and I want to be in a great shape there. Shape is currently OK. Will start contest prep in april.


Have gone back to my old and tested 5-split routine again. Working offshore means long shifts and its to exhausting to do a double split. And the 5-split gives the body more time to recuperate. Will do it continuously though and take a day off or two when I feel like it. Also it has been proven excellent to get me into contest shape and why change a winning formula.

A new year with new challenges. Have started to focus more on nutrition.Shape is better than last year.Will continue focus on nutrition and training will be intense 6 days a week.I will wait with cardio and try without it for a while and train a weekly double split instead of my regular 5 split.That means chest and back on monday,shoulders and arms on tuesday,legs on wednesday,and then repeat the cycle, with the exception that on saturday I will only train hamstrings.Sunday is off day.


Have been training quite intensely for a week before Christmas.Shape is pretty good.Going to Florida tomorrow. I wish everybody a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.


Its december and soon Christmas.Still a little ill from cold,but recovering. Training weights 5 times per week,and jogging several times per week.Diet has changed to lower protein,moderate cals,moderate carb and moderate fat.I have lost faith in the high protein diet.At least for off season.It produces to many toxic waste products for the body.I will post results from this diet in the New Year that is coming up.Will travel to Florida for Christmas and New Year.


A small update.I was out jogging in the weekend and it was freezing.Got sick,and now I am barely able to do my weight training session once every day. But it will pass in a week or so,and then its back to jogging.

I have updated the Home page and added a Gallery 8. I am currently training weights 5 times per week and jog 8km in the morning almost every day.Diet is with focus on healthy food and I am trying not to overeat.The main target is to stay in a pretty good shape through to next year.Christmas will be celebrated in Florida with family there.A new diet will begin in january.


Back from offshore work again.Will try to maintain a good shape through to next year,but are allowing myself to relax a bit when it comes to dieting and training.Weights 5 times per week, and jogging one or two times per week. Diet are pretty loose, but with general focus on healthy food. Next time I compete I plan to be harder and more defined.This will be sometime next year.

Back from Florida and back to work again.Posting some pictures in Gallery 7 from the Norwegian Championships and one from the beach in Florida.


The Norwegian Championships is finished for this year.I became second in the veterans class and 3rd in my Classic Bodybuilding Class.I made it to the top three!I feel happy with that.It was a good show in Oslo.Now its one week relaxation in Florida before going back to work.I will make a new gallery with pictures from the contest.


It is one week left to the Norwegian Championships.The competition is hard this year.My shape is very good,and now I have to focus on the last week preparations,wich will be to train and diet as usual.Get the tan right.No cardio this week,and then carb up on friday.Saturday is contest day.


I started to train for the Norwegian Championships 7 weeks out. My goal is to get in superb shape and do the best I can.Hopefully I will place among the top three in my class.


Have been on vacation,and shape has dropped offcourse.It was a great trip. I am adding a gallery with pictures from the vacation.


Did a week of intense training and dieting and have kept shape the same level the past weeks.Have done this by focusing on low GI carbs and low fat food.Fatpercentage is low.Intense training and dieting this week before my summer holiday with my family. Weight is 170 pounds and shape is excellent.


Have kept shape at the same level the last month at a weight of 175 pounds. Diet has been looser, but still with focus on healthy food. Will soon do another 10 days of intense training and dieting to take fat percentage very low.


Have done a week with intense training.One hour jogging in the morning and evening + weights 5 times a week.Calories has been limited to 1200-1500.Weight is now 175 pounds and shape is drastically improving. Word for the day:Stay drug free and stick to classic bodybuilding,the true fitness lifestyle.

Diet is going well.Shape has further improved.Took off from diet in easter.Weight is 180 pounds.Starting again today with a 10 week diet before my one month summer vacation in USA.

Realized that I went too hard out, and increased carbs to about 100 grams and cals to 1500-2000.Its still 3 months until summer.Will keep strict attention to nutrition the coming months.Weights 5 times a week. Cardio one or two times per day.


Started yesterday with intense dieting and training.Will continue untill I am in contest shape.1500 kals per day.Approx 50 grams carb per day.Whey isolate and L-Glutamine supplementation.Olive oil and canola oil and natural peanuts for fats.


Onboard a platform.A lot of work right now. Gained some weight last week. Started with 4 low carb days now per week.Monday,tuesday and thursday,friday. More carbs wednesday and in weekend.


Last day in february.Working on a platform.I trained back earlier today.Starting with 3 low carb days week now. Monday,wednesday and friday. More carbs the other days.Its easy to go low on carbs this way.Will intensify diet later in march.

Taking weekend off from training.Shape is pretty good.Keeping relaxed focus on nutrition.Looking forward to 10 days off intense dieting and training to get in top form again.Will probably do that in march.


Weight is steady on 175 pounds in the morning.Doing two very low carb days a week.More carbs the other days.Weights 4 days a week now.Wednesday and weekend off from weights.Cardio two times a week.Today I will do 40 min of jogging.

Sitting offshore with Gudmund.Had scramled eggs for breakfast.Taking weekend off from training.


Weight is around 180 pounds in the morning.Shape is pretty good.Diet is loose with low carb days in between carb days.Today I will be training chest and abs in the morning followed by 40 min of jogging.Diet will be low cal,low fat,low carb,moderate prot.


Onboard an oilplatform.Diet is low carb.Training with weights 4 days per week.Cardio when I work by walking in stairs all day.


Recovering from cold now.Weight is stabile at 175 pounds in the morning.Will continue this relaxing food programme/diet until its getting closer towards summertime and then take 10 days of superintense dieting and training to bring fatpercentage further down. Today its shoulders and cardio in the morning.

Still sick from cold but nevertheless; Full training and strict low carb diet again today. Chest and cardio in the morning.


Weight is down again to 175 pounds in the morning.Shape is improving.Taking off from training until monday because of a severe cold.Continuing focus on nutrition and diet.


Took off from diet in weekend.Weight is 185 pounds in the evening now,but shape is still improving.Continuing strict diet and training regimen this week.Today its chest and cardio.


Diet is going well.Weight is only 6 pounds from competition shape.Will train shoulders and cardio today.Diet remains the same with crisp bread for breakfast,oatmeal porridge for lunch,chicken/meat/fish w/sweet potato(also called yams)and vegetables for dinner.One proteindrink with training in the morning.Also maybe one fruit during the day.Goal is to be near competition shape towards summertime.


Did not fully follow diet in weekend. Weight has gone down 6 pounds since new year. Continuing diet this week with crisp bread for breakfast,chicken w/vegetables for lunch and salmon for dinner w/american native sweet potato and vegetables.One proteindrink with training in the morning. Today I am training chest and 45 min jogging in the morning.


Diet is going well.Crisp bread for breakfast,oatmeal porridge for lunch and chicken filet w/vegetables,broccoli for dinner.Two small proteindrinks per day.Had some nuts for snack in the evening. Today I will train shoulders and arms + 45 min jogging afterwards in the morning.


Onshore again for a while. Lost a couple of kilos.Had a carb day yesterday.Bread for lunch and chinese for dinner.Today I will continue diet. Training is 45 min jogging in the morning and legs in the evening.


Diet is going well.No weightloss still as usual.Added some rye crisp bread for lunch.Total carb is approx.50-100 grams per day. Will start with light carb-up days later on in the diet.Calories is 1500-2000.


Onboard an oilplatform.Started the diet the 2nd with cutting drastically down on carbohydrates. Breakfast is omelett w/vegetables. Lunch and dinner is fish or chicken or lean meat w/vegetables. One proteindrink in conjunction with one training session per day w/weights.


First day in 2006. Now its time to start the diet for the summer. I wish everybody a happy new year.
Last day in 2005.Today its 30min jogging in the morning outside.A great way to wake up.Looking forward to 2006.

I dropped cardio last night. I will keep on doing my same training regimen now and start to get stricter on nutrition. Today its arms in the morning followed by 45 min cardio on the threadmill.
Today I will be training shoulders in the morning. Cardio will be 30 min jogging after weights + some sort of cardio in the evening. I am in a sort of limbo when it comes to dieting, preparing myself mentally to become more strict on nutrition. It is still holiday season and it will be better to motivate myself when its a new year.

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